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My 1964 Ford Ranchero

These are pictures of my 1964 ranchero that was bought in early August 1999. I found it in the paper on my birthday. The seller was asking $1000 and already an offer on it. I gave him my number and told him if the deal fell through I would buy it. So a few days later I got a call and he said it was mine if I still wanted it. So I bought it the next day. Had problems for the next year with the title. The owner of the Ranchero had passed on and was buying it from his widow. But I did get the title worked out and started working on it.

First thing on my mind was a motor and decided on a 5.0 fuel injected motor. So got first donor car it was a 1987 Ford Thunderbird. It worked out great and used just about everything from it; motor,complete wiring harness front to rear, tranmission, digital dash, tilt steering column, power seats,a/c heater box with auto temp control, brake pedal and booster, power windows, power locks, fuel tank and pump, wiper motor. Everthing took a lot of modifing but is working out fine so far.

The second donor car was a 1992 Ford Thunderbird (did not get whole car). I cut front frame rails off at firewall and took front suspension. It was fun getting all the measurements to get it in place. I welded strut towers in place of spring tower and had to narrow sub frame 4 inches and move mounts for rack and pinion out 2 inches per side. Also put rotors and hub bearings from 1995 Mustang for 4 1/2 inch 5 lug pattern.

Third donor car was a 1998 Thunderbird it was for the floorpan that also had the complete transmission tunnel. I welded to new under floor frame rails and torque boxes and inner rocker panels modified from 1964 Mustang parts. The outer cowl panels and front floor pans were replaced as well with modified 1964 Mustang parts.

The fourth donor car was a 1998 Mustang this was for rear differential and floor and mounts for the rear differential. I did a lot of modifing on this, shortened axle by 3 1/8 inch had to move all the mounts and make upper shock mounts to get it in. But the 4 link style I feel was worth it.

I still need to do a lot more work and will keep posting more pictures as I go. I hope you enjoy looking at what I have done and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at